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    Learn all about carbon nanotubes and its applications. The field of carbon nanotube research was launched in 1991 by the initial experimental observation of carbon nanotubes by transmission electron microscopy and the subsequent report of conditions for the […]
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    Learn all about nanobots and nanotechnology and its medical applications. Today the field of nanotechnology is on the verge of many breakthroughs that may change medicine, science, and engineering as we know it. Can you imagine being able […]
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    Learn all about sea anemone and clownfish relationship. The ornately colored sea anemone (uh-NEM-uh-nee) is named after the equally flashy terrestrial anemone flower. A close relative of coral and jellyfish, anemones are stinging polyps that spend most of […]

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  • by Madeleine Albright and Ibrahim Gambari
    The international community urgently needs new tools, ideas and initiatives to meet the common threats and challenges faced by the United Nations’ 193 member countries. The world body’s 75th anniversary, marked on United Nations Day …
  • by Gordon Weiss
    ‘When small men begin to cast big shadows’, wrote the Chinese intellectual Lin Yutang, ‘it means the sun is about to set.’ It is a dictum that, like many, functions neatly in reverse. When small …
  • by Euan Graham
    An Australian ministerial visit to Brunei Darussalam normally triggers little strategic interest. But there may be more than meets the eye to Defence Minister Linda Reynolds’s meeting this week with Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, sandwiched in …

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    Author: AFParticle author: AFPID: 1603522109650508500Sat, 2020-10-24 05:27 ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE: Donald Trump said Friday he has not been a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen – even before a clip from the British comedian’s new Borat movie forced the US president’s lawyer Rudy […]
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    article author: Arab NewsSat, 2020-10-24 09:41 DUBAI: Saudi Arabia’s national carrier Saudia announced it will resume flights to 33 destinations in November. Destinations include major international capitals across Europe, Asia and Africa. Regional destinations that include Dubai and Beirut will also […]
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    Author: AParticle author: APID: 1603520238250468800Sat, 2020-10-24 04:47 NEW DELHI: India has reported 53,370 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, taking the overall tally past 7.8 million. The Health Ministry on Saturday also reported 650 deaths, driving the country’s toll to 117,956. […]