The 11th Philosophy, Honey-Bee Critical Theory.

A Doctrine of the 29th League, by riaaz ally 2017- present

Last Updated on May 14th, 2018

The thing is
once upon a time
as time moved along
the 11th philosophy
went on and on and on
both empiricism and critical theory says God is a kuku? Then I guess you would have some questions as to why He isn’t? lol
maybe wobbldidood
to rabbits and mud and feathers and powder
rather than honey and bees and stones and flour
it also says, going nowhere associating to be God….egos…
evolutionists, which moral high ground do you then have… critical theory and emancipation…
playing donkey and carrot…im the donkey
to make rabbit and carrot…donkey rabbit
honey and carrot…
bee and donkey…
which ego of emancipation in application even in philosophy…with proof…of…antiquity?
i suppose i need a tangible…for economic theory, social theory, mode of production, effectiveness and efficiency and social justice such as
it can take 1 banana
to waste
everyone’s time
or everyone wasting their time with 1 banana
how much time have so many spent on something with no benefit…?
what would 2 benefit of been all effort
and all effort against all in effort to achieve what critical theory aims to achieve, the moral high ground of an ethical standard, where down the middle as the struggle comes together…water and oil and sea salt, we may have a middle-class revolution, or a religious agenda,
to naivety it all looks vendetta
some will say are u psychotic, let everything go, allowing for benefit of the doubt, another paradox in application of the critical theory to split the ´paradox as the opposing position of zero3.
The Fall of man taken on by the sin of our Father Adam or created by Adam…because he ate an apple …
we blame Adam because now we have knowledge of sin…
and no matter how many times he tells us right from wrong in common sense semantics…
people choose to blame Adam, and God for the knowledge they have …
Perhaps the theory applied of 1 has value along these lines, a critical theory of 1 before the point of singularity since that should be 0…like Einstein’s and Dr. Tolman theory of expanding and contracting universe,
1 has variation
has social issue addresses,
and since the 10 commandments, and 11th value system is subject to tit4tat….
Inherintly since 10 is 1…it always had an issue over and over and over again, even as time goes along same 1 for solution…
it has totalitarianism in the authoritarian bureaucrat way if to choose that dooods ones
then we have the theory of 1 which would be the vendetta (vd) theory of Adam, sin and as per the rest man did after that…when it turns to a tangible what was the critical theories and empirical study inquiries then applied…and why would it of been applied besides to choose the masses and be a guide for all man…?
what did economics have to do with the very beginning of time and why would there be a vd tit4tat besides being blessed with the gift of God who blew life into you, and have the pleasure to reproduce…?
why would people’s perception of changed?
…why would jealousy, greed, envy come in….?
perhaps that why gazing at a woman in lust…
oh and marriage…since u came from Me and that is sacred u the most special…nope thats moany moo…
since Lust
because u will have more…
why would there be a problem if all frivvel with each other…tit4tat, supply and demand
Economics came from knowledege…lust, desire, temptation
To unify the mechanisms would be to need 1 solution
Should address social needs then…lol
“388800 minutes, 9months, 6480 hours…”
3 8*3 00 = 3 24 =27 =9
6480 = 10+8 = 18 (9) and or 10 +80 (90)
9months average = 9 *30 = 270 (9)
well then would get crimes I suppose u can’t do but Me alone lol…

Karl Marx provides a structured insight view toward scripture as being fictitious
thus too
when the emancipatory weight is held to subjugation theories…like economic and social interaction,
making a family for example
keeping as a, dependent baby…
unstructured in structure and agency…
for moral judgement of character
excuses of discourse and its analysis
semanticness of smoothnesses and kiefnesses
what would emancipation then be since those devices have created chains…
since it were a ambiguity…antiquity lol…
would be to question will, both literally in paper as well as will and faith of the person…
as well as dood what would satisfy you to appreciate my independence
the approach seemed idealist…
with no power and all-in 1…for whatever it may be…
now since all this is all 1 good reason
i have 1 good reason, socialism and all the rest is bs theories, with 1 application all in contradiction
it says go to work, contribute to the pot, good u ahead help us out here,
who black pink blue yellow orange…
no power plays thus too again we have greed…
but the mechanism of greed is subject to the policies of socialism therefore capitalism doesnt exist and cancel you out as the subordinate policy
both way rounds because that objective serves only i me myself in one direction with very little room for the rest…could be a dialectic
since that is the higher moral high ground..
those policies don’t exist, neither attitude, as a capitalist, all these things, neither power systems, since your policies determine who s the capital criminal of power, the criminal thru as well the behavioral part of etc etc as an accusation and allegation….
what is this saying about your policies
social justice
since there are always the opposing forms of emancipation…on faiths moral higher ground ego power paradox
resisting is not forcing….
it means in this test of will and faith what is called resistant, is based on the socialist working class in a continuous struggle within the same set of rules that brought it to that position…
same would-be application of whether there are laws are not which are obeyed or not…, through money power and means thereof, in fact no power at all to most ideal…as per idealist
thus, CT would address mostly societal and economic emancipation…
the rest are all opposing forces for their own shit they caused in the first place, all theories…
the theory that matters is the structured path as in economic theory
because if economic theory addresses all the rest then capitalism is not so kief too again…it doesnt exist…subordinate
these chains and structures created and established by the class struggle, and applied correctly is still a struggle and working man’s life with a structure around it and him or her…of which other structures have opposed to suppress…oppress
enjoyment of economic and social freedoms, even when theory come with power and pure and all these …imaginations…
therefore, the structure of planting feet firmly, even in human rights cases, where those, law critical theories have elaborated on injustice… are words, practical to self-preservation and self-preservation only…
impractical to what really works for the masses …if it works for 1 it works for all…
what worked for u didn’t work for us for example…
these are the structures around my life…
all the rest are petite bourgeoise theories…not even law…call it a law since theories revolve around that lawlessness too even when there are laws as to why should throw them in jail…and handled by the same which he or she decides to impose law or not…
thus… barbaric and uncultured and so what if they are…
quite correct as they would know and claim privilege to…or earned privilege to…
those are your devices…
these are mine…
your moans or do u work too…
Since that may be, which grades of policy and law do you apply…theories of imagination…
such as…
race and religion…
the visible tangibles of emancipation thru the struggle as it would be across the world…too the tool of the class struggle is capitalism itself…
its logically always on the opposing side of the moral high ground as per the struggle to survive which was created with the same will, …
the masses will always grow…
thus too…
in same context democracy would then exist as ideal correct…
socialism would be said communism, would be ideal to achieving the ideal democracy when so said democracy doesnt exist…thus?capitalism doesn’t exist theoretically right…correct
proposed output would be ideological…
the struggle will remain due to the policies of socialism…not socialisms…
its an inevitable reality because of…individuality…
whats being asked for is to cultivate societal norms and build structures which support the poor…
thus socialism would be the so said communism…
incorrect it brings capitalisms back into democracy…
were it to adopt the petite bourgeoise proletariat manner…
then it has missed the point…
who says we dont like life and dont like money?
new business
investment attraction and political stability
disparity wouldnt achieve this strived toward outcome…
thus no capitalisms doesn’t exist is…theoretical…
therefore democracy would be the ideal system
which would need socialism
the petite bourgeoise proletariat is needed…good ideals as long as his head stays n his shoulders and contributes too…? lol…
therefore too…supremacy policy and laws ,
all theories to emancipation and the total struggle across the world…
those are for children…
call upon all to sanction South Africa with these supremacy antics and mobilizations…
resistance by those determinists are the cause for corruption, unrest, political turmoil
as well as a reitterance of South Africa looking unattractive for fdi..too stated in action SA…
opposing the package to pursue supremacies thru any sort of device…
is opposing 1.1
capitalism would then be in support of crime and…drugs, and prostitution and human trafficking, and exploitation, slavery…
slavery too, fought by the same mechanism of the struggle…
all these devices are theories to reality…
thus imagination…all in ur imagination go to work and skinner u cant stop me either but 99 percent i probably wouldn’t…
why well besides moral hg higher than u , my ego u know…
also what the point there’s a solution to toxic tongue…
go to work these are my structures, my command, my word, my weight, even 100 rand per month…still…

and presumably can do may rambles from there as CT being rubbish in all its forms to …go to work slog ur feet be a good man, dont buckle , talk the truth, be proud of what u do, try ur best, live for the now, invest for tomorrow, here and after, maintain the moral high road and high ground in life…all the rest is their semantics….unstructured and lucid…why because what is wholesome about the social and equality and economic approach to which ever imagination constructed as the correct application…
its a theory or subjugation…not emancipation….a structure to further oppress…
nope would be feeding that structure…thus too…these character need their head read ,,,capitalist communists lol…
would be possibility is another industrial revolution again…
too fought against in the struggle as well as pursued by the imperialist…
what is it thats being called for…
an uprising
are we cooperating or grinding with the reality that these devices are counter productive to the workers struggle, class struggle with a simple method to gain emancipation on merit and supported too…
a tangible to what would seem opposition to the oppressors themselves…
thus too again we have…
simple critical theory vendettarists which dont understand themselves…
When having no tangible in the hand…neither being a desperadoes
And when have no need for a tangible in the hand, already have I. E… And chasing for one like a desperadoes….
Since the tangible seems like power…
And no chasing for one seems like no power…
if the Books say an alien came along and showed him hell and heaven—
or hot sticky mud
or cold sticky mud. —
presumable this is what is known of yolk…? or honey, milk and white smokeless smoke, could of been bukhur…incense from agarwood, no scent. Or no smoke but scent and no scent. this is not Jinn. lol…hwnderful what next, maybe staff, ring, vest , Eve tied to hip, made from rib nearest to his chest…people of the heart…heart of 3, and people of the tree as we are known to be… Chishtiyah Order…cheeses n krust hey how ya liktha forramoov
rity rity roo…
if that’s what’s known
then the yolk said, would this be correct, just between a e i o u…
big differences between that this and i…a i mean…because of 9696 to make it simplest
4.92…maybe make it 14.4.82 yar…my birfday
they came from aliens
science says options
1: aliens
2: god
3: die and just die
1: aliens come and save 1 to deliver a message which is most neutral (with no choice)
2: alien is God and the one He sent…neutral or not?
most neutral would be the father…no weapons
3: just die and dust…
if the Books say an alien came along and showed him hell and heaven—
or hot sticky mud
or cold sticky mud.—
this is what they know of yolk…
would this be correct presumption…?
so if that’s what they know
then the yolk said…
The yolk then said—
when not applying naïve neutrality then …
i suppose need a feather and a pen lol–..surah of the pen
no no no go save yourself…
so its up to God…
apply critical thinking to that…
now when He watching us do all these things which makes them think they cool…
then maybe messenger thinking, no left right, life like this that,
poor man pressure
just like these aliens said here
and since im the alien or the yolk
lets say yolk but not yolk too…
then a yolk would tell you u come back after
hot or cold mud
why the confused story?
is it hot or cold
why some say saw light first or nothing first
which way is the right way round
thats all that dribble
lets revert back to answering another yolk…yolk to yolk cosmic joke…
if went thru the same wave…
and where your be if and thinking would or should be now…
since u that—the perception of a neutrality
is very materially constrained
Phi (Φ) and pi (Π) and Fibonacci numbers can be related in several ways:
The Pi-Phi Product and its derivation through limits
The product of phi and pi,
1.618033988… X 3.141592654…, or 5.083203692,
ae=mc squared
shtuert (shtooped)
erhting on a shtuert
a squared =1
4.92 , 4.9, 2.441, 2.44, 2.4, 3.,445, 3.45, 3.5
to come to 4
3 takes an average trend over time
what were the situations
theoretically conceptually speaking u walk a straight line in the circle of life

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maybe i should of said something…to make a point
so many people spooked,
ego bruised
others would say lucidity, i would say are u blind…
what u do to the alien…aliens
saved yourselves
and thats why we dont believe…? lol
which answers the question
stealing (including, life…chopping heads etc, haq, opportunity, pleasure, pride, happiness, joy, family, …in terms of …1 chi is relativity…)
even the approach seemed idealist…
with no power and all in 1…for whatever it may be…
since there is always the opposing forms of emancipation…
resisting is not forcing….
rationalised to a normal death? or to the contract
3 is the average…15 is from 1…as zero…15 15 15 (45) is 9…from 0 should be 8 lol…therefore how many levels of heaven?—as well as 45 =100% 15=33.333%….lol…15 out of 45 or 14 out of 44 (8) which is life…
888 (chinese) 24 =6
777=21 (3) 6+3=9
explains 6 and 9?…8 11 cant be infront of nine behind 10…hwnder…
And the 0.1…
But that 10 will also say… No no it’s 0.01 lol , einstein has something to do with 0.01

May be an image of text that says 'Home Insert D27 ageLayout Formulas Data Review View Book2 Excel Help -Series7 eries14 β 0,09 00 beta 0,020,09 X 0,01 ALPHA Fractions delta epsilon 1/100 Master DELTA 1,00 2,00 0,05 gamma iota EPSILON 3/100 1/25 1/20 ALPHA BETA Greek Alpha Beta 4,00 5,00 0,08 3/50 7/100 2/25 EPSILON 6,00 7,00 8,00 Epsilon Sheet1 ETA GAMMA IOTA Gamma lota Type here to search 100% ENG 2020/09/27 48'

How come can’t passed 5…what is the middle number of the pentagram?
5 or 7,
9 6
3 0
Musa a.s
Regardless of 9 poor I tried youll still come to 11 (9+11 20) which way u still going to come to 9 ( through 0 3 5 7 8 9 11)that puts 1 forward the book and then the book will say its this 30 (3) -1 2 (20) -1 (19) (10) thus too, 20 (2 – 2) parts of? 10 or 9 or 11 is 2j – 2k etc for example and that’s 11…and 11 will say not its 1 forward and back to square 1
Always comes back to can’t go higher than 11 and thru 8 and 3 and 5 and 0 and 11 and 7…, do the odd even math with 7 …

No photo description available.

if…balance s not time travel of light…
x= time travel
therefore the root of x which is 1 already based…
is root of 1…to make a root…need at least 1…
or average
1.08 etc something…
299,996 etc light speed
needs 1.08 etc more
to come to 4
need and extra whole 1
1 + another 1
3 squared—9
since we going back to the future…which is the beginning of time lol
1 less 1
less calculator starts at 0 is 1
1 + 1
2 lol
shall we debate, a fondoo with 1 + 1 lol
alrity roo…maybe kangaroo…lool…2 + 2 (4)…
how is it possible to get 1 2
2/2 (2squared)
thus, …
energy of it
chi of a
0 or 1 or 2
3.5 ( 3 and 4…7…or 8)
or 2
or 1.5 (6)
is all 2
6 2 is 3
or 1
c 2

May be an image of text
May be an image of food and text that says 'Mayan numeral system 2 3 (20)4 5 6 7 8 12(20)3 9 6(20)2 2(20) 10 11 12 13 14 自目日圖眉 15 16 17 18 19 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. 18 =258,458'
258, 458 + 15, 14 = 29 (11)
15 (6) 14 (5)
6+5 (11)

alridyroo maybe
trying to confusion and skew the logical mind to?…
seems a little wobbldidoo
or stable, semantical thinker…”lucid”…open to suggestion…the display of such structured semantricks, lemontrx logic more to the irritation of the objective…critical thinker…
if in a critical thinking thinker psychosis of vendetta then each opposing, ie the paradox of each other has already lost to an argumentative approach of deterministic win win…
regarding the
1:1 hadeeth and manifestation of energy
u talking Symantec im talking math
to where you can’t go to …lol
may we agree to disagree for arf n arfs sake…a drunken senseless argument
(type 1 or 2?)
reading it in the semantics of smoothness…would too be a type 1 type 2

wunfooo lol
u must be mad
throw i with a banana

May be an image of text that says 'On one hand yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy, but on the other, it represents cowardice and deceit.Feb 5, 2011'

a = x = 1
0 18 9 10 1
f ( x ) = O ( g ( x ) ) . {\displaystyle f(x)=O(g(x)).}
The notation can also be used to describe the behavior of f near some real number a (often, a = 0): we say
f ( x ) = O ( g ( x ) ) as x → a {\displaystyle f(x)=O(g(x)){\text{ as }}x\to a}
if and only if there exist positive numbers δ and M such that
| f ( x ) | ≤ M g ( x ) when 0 < | x − a | < δ . {\displaystyle |f(x)|\leq \;Mg(x){\text{ when }}0<|x-a|<\delta .} As g(x) is chosen to be non-zero for values of x sufficiently close to a, both of these definitions can be unified using the limit superior: f ( x ) = O ( g ( x ) ) as x → a {\displaystyle f(x)=O(g(x)){\text{ as }}x\to a} if and only if lim sup x → a | f ( x ) g ( x ) | < ∞ . {\displaystyle \limsup _{x\to a}\left|{\frac {f(x)}{g(x)}}\right|<\infty .} October 28, 2018 · the alpha, omega, beta, o, theta, fv(inverted9) i all equals o,,,so if u takke the greek on which comes to the o with the line in thru it and make all the other ooos th Ως σύμβολο[Επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα] Το πεζό <π> χρησιμοποιείται ως σύμβολο για:
στα μαθηματικά, την υπερβατική (και συνεπώς άρρητη) μαθηματική σταθερά π ≈ 3,14159…add 98 89 88 4.92 +3.14= 8-06
Since CT is on the wrong side of logic, it stands to reason (more logic) that if one is blindly committed to Critical Theory, then she will not only reject God, but also reject logic and critical thinking as subjectively “western” or “masculine.” This irrationality is exemplified by Margaret L. Anderson’s assertion in Race, Class, and Gender:
eg. Gard never mind this one oo much it has some other value too in terms of the prayer
, and surah ikhlas, 3 parts 15/45 but then…poor -Burial services, donations, rabbis, imams, hope of heaven for a loved one… Etc… Prayers… For a tadpole theory… 1/3…15/45…33.333% or is that a reverse distinction…a tripple… 66.666 (30) or 5…orrr …6+5…11…6 5s… would be 3 main squared which is a squared =1 So what happens when I put the book down ahead of me? 12 (3) and ahead of that? 13 (4) which speaks of 5 thru 3 but 5 says it’s 6 For a triple since it’s 3s…99,999 963=9 (969) Regardless, u still going to come to 9, perhps speed of light squared, ae=mc squared…still poor didnt he know aeiou… that puts 1 forward the book and then the book will say its this and that’s 11…and 11 will say not its 1 forward and back to square 1 Always comes back to can’t go higher than 11 and thru 8 and 3 and 5 and 0 and 11 and 7…, do the odd even math with 7 …3.5divided 7, 2.5, pi, divided by 6, or 4 etc i agree to agree…to lets get on with it , dust the feet off and move on amicably

No photo description available.

From 1 + 1 = 2 1/1 =11 lol
what could =1
a =1
1a =1
what and 1
a squared =1
according to these numbers and your o
1 big something = 1
was it shaka zulu
when i checked
a squared =1
letters made numbers …
structural math was there from day 1
so kief hey…
if numbers came first…
then a letter was made from a number…?
a number is on 1 and 0…makes 1….1 big bang to make 1…which means its growth speed would be relative…. should be…because of crimmelchi in 1….
thus, who switched it on then…
a particle so dense that according to chi and opposite
…what could it be…
yes, there’s another reason why Jibril isn’t God…
because…if so,
then what to be Adam…named Jesus Mohammed etc…
would say…critically thinking wise besides didn’t make those mountains hey…
can only see as far as the tree…
thus that too…would be the same into CT?
therefore, to see beyond the tree…would be next to God…Son of God…
i can only see as far as Him but i can’t go further…but i know what made that and that is this of Jibril or energy…
i guess would be the opposite to see the on…saw the light
shit hey…i c that one there
rity rity roo
Toggle it around… And the value system if ur an 8…then u can be forced into 9…so now u 9…but a good 9…see the psychology of the person? 6 7 8 9 (30)

maybe pick on a 26 27 or 28…maybe not the 26 so much because well who made this capitalist’s system for those that looks for a life like Po but had to resort to stealing… Guess the prophets saw this coming… 26 8 27 9 28 10 29 11…8 9 10 11…39…12…3 and 8 9 1 2…20…26272829…110…1.1…2…11…3…1…1…1…1

So 28s are these gay guys… And 27s are gard… So throw gard forward and leave 29…Now what nonsense is 27 talking about…Hmmm these tadpole theories seem quite disastrous for checks and balances…A number 2 number 1…isn’t it lol…either way

when a banana is more expensive regardless of efforts that went in opposite to achieve the same…maybe then opposite would have been different…since its not

what to do next…go and do the same right …

when the banana time comes will he or she share of their supply for your basic demand…so much bananas and so much apples and so much oranges and so few of us…how do we unration this much to many

now with this banana…
and a small vehicle…
opposite and opposite…
me being simple pimple stupid…and each doing our own thing ( as per critical theorist paradox, everyone has the right to be respected, but respect itself is earned?…) rather than respect for others as respect for oneself, lol hwnderful…
as a simple pimple stupid…
like semantics
there are 2 choices
good or bad…(in terms of intent)
critical thinking comes here
will it handle vendetta
a man that dust his feet off, forever,
naïve semantics, should have some value to that, critical thinking critical theory bazooka path…( respect for others as respect for oneself)
if there were a choice…
because of naiveties’ semantical thought integrity as per say…
how would u believe the part of the other part
figure out the journey
the journey will figure itself out
i guess we have to use tit for tat…vendetta?
why as per variations and 1 good reason, gallows…of 1 and the same
and because Adam ate an apple…lol…maybe he shared the apple….which made 1 chi…apple snake Adam…apple is chi in 7…Snake is life too in old symbolism…maybe it was serpent maybe to make 3 stories too…i suppose then CT of hadeeth would say that throw the Jamrah …?
0 to ………….1
turning the 1 1 1
comes to 1
whole lot of stories as times changed along…
the solutions and application of such critical conscious insight on emancipation would be what Karl Marx didn’t like yet applicable today …
How so?
go to work…
man is at best when set free from his primitive chains…devices…
with same CTs could legalize prostitution through 1.1.
applying the same through out…
structure in that applied to guidance of scripture…
also a 1…
thus, if always going to go like this…
i guess there is a solution to this one for the same thing as to what am supposed to do if to follow the path of the moral higher ground…all the rest of structures are the same as …
u have theories…
the same 1.1
can be used to…create invisible contracts as per…
can be used to turn tangibles of
capital punishment
obstruction to life
passing on an assassination attempt
creating vacuums of 1
as well as justifying the same in chopping a head not because of just a text in a book,
in other words if all…well the 10 commandments what crimes are attached to that
1 psychopathy
2 work together
3 dont be a criminal according these because these are the punishments…
4 talk the truth
these are the problems life is going to go like that…
what would you do?…these are all the issues of tit4tat we all went thru…
take our word…
stick to these…and where’s the tangible…it says go to work….
and then… well religion
live by the word of what is written there, religion or not
with merit and performance based on loyalty and love,
not dictated by the bazooka part and if so,,, was it for the right cause or to go back to u stole u committed adultery, u took another life, u don’t love your brother, apparently u mad too… have no respect, dictate me like a slave according to your motivation schemes…
u must be mad be an oppressor poor
these 10 is emancipation in 1 yours mine and everyone else…
as far as im concerned these are my chains and structures…those are your devices…
what substance do those devices hold and have in comparison to Honey-Bee Critical Theory 1 and the same to application of …am leaving all these equal and fair opportunity talks out of the way because of the myths like …the bourgeoise have…as well as the proletariat as well as the petite bourgeoise…
and of course in me myself and i in a structured life… how do u beat that when all u doing is…imagination stunts…
would be, not concerned, don’t want to know, talking shit, rumors’, have nothing better to do than procrastinate, most likely lucid, and expect the word to be taken seriously…
a man of good stature shouldn’t subject himself to such theories which choose to make non-existent and thus dispensable to society…
thus what am i saying,
there is no such thing then as capitalism, there is only socialism and democracy, which too would then be a theory, therefore the same mechanism which chooses to cancel the moral higher ground out of existence due to a power-oriented system, structured around alot of theories to maintain that same superstructure only works for a few…
quite realistic, but unrealistic too…the same context those mechanisms cancel you and the actions of those relentlessly pursue the same theories out of existence…
this too is true but also not
therefore in terms of existence due to power variations, ego power paradox, and movements of emancipation , me myself and i, or everyone and all and all the rest too…is determined by superficial theories…as one can see how can there be no capitalism, isnt there no such thing as democracy, how come does it look like there’s is only democracy which is therefore socialism…
in such regard all your theories dont exist in terms of human rights and emancipation…
shall we talk bourgeoisie and petite bourgeois now
therefore your contributions are toxic…majority and minority…
have got to have remedial action
institution, structure and establishment of a kuku
leave them to the devices
leave them to the institution
gotta institutionalize those devices
institutionalize the kukus with those devices
have to have agency… gotta define such agency
need structure for that agency…gotta define such structure
Need an agent for that structure and agency… gotta define such structure and agency

Gotta put some kief critical moral character devices around those moves over there hey…
How’s that forramoov
“388800 minutes, 9months, 6480 hours…”
3 8*3 00 = 3 24 =27 =9
6480 = 10+8 = 18 (9) and or 10 +80 (90)
9months average = 9 *30 = 270 (9)
have got to be rational… Gotto be a moron to be irrational… Gotta keepem looking good
gotta be cool
have to keep the good vibes going…
gotta keep lookin good
gotta leave the kuku devices alone
leave them the devices…
gotta leave it to the agency
to keep the good things goin…
big doods…
gotit goin on over there hey…lool
Gotta leave titles alone and be rational cool dood…
Big doods only on empirism… Not a rationalist…
At such ambiguity misses the intent of rationalism… To define a truth…
Since both may have devices such as title…
Then a critical question lingers on ethics, diagnosis, mishandled treatment
Since abuse of authority and power may be a structural weakness…
Then support thereof…in such superstructure…
Is the same fool that dug the grave for you…
I. E digging a grave for yourself and everyone else too…
Self centered egos weakness
descriptively speaking…
making things irrelative must be beyond the primordial x….
which would be a…lol
makes all things irrelative…?
0 it would be so according to various
as time slowed down…
time travel as what is written…
how would u explain the density of the point of x where an atom is very very large in… comparison
if an atom or nuclear bomb causes xyz amount of damage,,,
how big is just our solar system
the ratio of 4.92
2,441 can change things…
but then
it came from the same calculator just closer to 1 or 5
as per say much faster…
1 whole over the speed of light i guess…
u need, a quantum calculator then…or a quantum light time year linear ruler to measure the galaxy…
shorter time…faster travel
lightspeed squared
applying the same metaphysical thought…
to a written text…
at the speed of etc …for east to west…( or was it west to east..)
how much closer than that

must be a cosmic yolk joke…
provided he gets the resources…
what shall he say…
e=mc squared lol
of course…alchemy…etc…
very troo
no no no go save yourself…
so its up to God…
apply critical thinking to that…
now when He watching us do all these things which makes them think they cool…
then maybe messenger thinking, no left right, life like this that,
poor man pressure
just like these aliens said here
and since im the alien or the yolk
lets say yolk but not yolk too…
then a yolk would tell you u come back after
hot or cold mud
why the confused story?
is it hot or cold
why some say saw light first or nothing first
which way is the right way round
thats all that dribble
lets revert back to answering another yolk…yolk to yolk cosmic joke…
if went thru the same wave…
and where your be if and thinking would or should be now…
since u that—the perception of a neutrality
is very materially constrained
Phi (Φ) and pi (Π) and Fibonacci numbers can be related in several ways:
The Pi-Phi Product and its derivation through limits
The product of phi and pi,
1.618033988… X 3.141592654…, or 5.083203692,
ae=mc squared
erhting on a shtuert
a squared =1
4.9, 2.441, 2.44, 2.4, 3.,445, 3.45, 3.5
the ratio of 4.92 2,441 .. u need, a quantum calculator then lightspeed squared applying the same metaphysical thought…

to a written text… at the speed of etc …for east to west… must be a cosmic yolk joke… provided he gets the resources… what shall he say… e=mc squared lol ofcourse…alchemy…etc… very troo

regarding the 1:1 hadeeth and manifestation of energy talking semantics im talking math troo to where you cant go to lol… may we agree to disagree for arf n arfs ( a senseless drunken argument…) sake…
Example · Mass–energy equivalence
E = m c2
a squared
3.16 (3,18 less 2 lol)
2.62 + 4.92
10 lol
3 …
3.10 pi
+1 would be 20 is 2
…is 10 is 12…15 is 6 827 9 …
add1 3.92 becomes 4.92
8 2 4— 2Edit or delete this would be 2 doodle doo at 10 lol for 11 is +1 after 4 0.8 to 5….0 3 5 7 9 11
and then,
Up n down and round again, down and up and back again…1…2 step and abc …
123 round and round
up and down and round and round ?
down and up and around…
cricket 69 and 96 again we need an element to add music for the psychoses therapy… interestin…
The riddle says supposedly ur a fool to try interpreting…
Troo… Because then I am giving maybe secrets away…
Troo…what now if u do aeiou,
Since u have a duty to do…Hardest question to answer is the afterlife without spilling the beans…
Answer dust then… Lol which would result in life again…
Turn into dust and go into earth as ash…
Or turn into some sort of decayed energy which can ,… Fertile the lawn? Lol… Or the manifestations of energy including that of karma… So we turn to dust… And we go into the wave of horrible chi or good chi…
Thus the answer would be to question dust…if so, answer dust then
nope same is also 1.1
If the numbers talk to each other doesn’t biblical numerology as well
all this numbers that noone gets to see the value of… loose that 1 u gained spirituality is lost… the idea of what God is is gone so we have a people power struggle in 1 for all 1vs 1000 vs 1111111111 is 1
a problem between u myself and i (if were according to the value system of this philosophy correcto mundo
semantec games reveal a truth going, nowhere, associating to be god, (egos)thats why they dont get things right and dont want to because 4.92, u do that u may deconstruct or improve the +1…
should be better solution
has to is be must be should be…
stupid one ok make big mistake ok…
just forget all of it
over time?
too late
same sense is of 1:1
Perhaps example; till now no charges…maybe too much trust, just be good, life be good…
over confident
no then be 2:1
how much answer questions…
scared of ?…
no 1:1
ok dont like that one
the best
must be 1
2 9 11
9 11 20
31 5 and 4 is 9
11 + 9 + 9
that be 2:1 …ok ok…1:1

No photo description available.

good average of 1 average…
20 9
10 9
1,05:1 phi
2 as
not a and a
a squared=1
or a 5 and 5 or 7 etc
5 and 5
2 as = 1
Phi (Φ) and pi (Π) and Fibonacci numbers can be related in several ways:
The Pi-Phi Product and its derivation through
The product of phi and pi,
1.618033988… X 3.141592654…, or 5.083203692,
Many have claimed that while they were still in school, Einstein had failed math. If you search on Google with the keyword Einstein failed math, there are over 5,000 references. Even so, the information above is the money to create the “news or not news of Ripley” well-known in the newspaper.
In 1935, a Jewish rabbi in Princeton gave him a look at Ripley’s entry with the words “the greatest mathematician ever skipped math.” Einstein laughed: “I have never failed math. Before age 15, I was proficient in differential and integral calculus. “In elementary school, he always led the class and always” learned beyond the requirements of the school “in mathematics. At the age of 12, his sister remembers, “Einstein liked to solve difficult problems in applied arithmetic.” And Einstein decided to study geometry and algebra first. Einstein’s parents bought books for him so that he could study during the summer holidays. Not only did he learn the clauses in those books but also tried to prove his new theorems. He even made his own way of proving the Pythagorean theorem by Einstein’s IQ.
we only just started on abc lol
how much nonsense can still be spoken…
no it isnt everything hey
watta lot u got
must be jellytot
why not is be must be has to be jellytot…
if since yolk
any type of yolk
business upstairs…
in scripture…
maybe other yolk go yes ok…stay in scripture
i say yes be should be stay in scripture
Perhaps with such math can open a new one …
the linear direction of nasa math
to enter a new
angle in time lol
for the universes to see
we are here
and 5/4.92
-1 + 1
ull need the math of 2.441
rather than

No photo description available.

lets go play all the way thru…to play Honey bee 1by1 by 1 by 1
the same…thus solution to reverse…
drop it all
to turn back the clock of the inevitable…
reading it maybe should again…
all looks the same over and over again…
same mistake…
maybe answer to other parts of Zion…
so u have a green carpet,
u have a green garden
and u missing 1 lol
the Throne is in Babylon, yehs ,
and the carpet is in Medinah that will take all believers to Heaven ,

May be an image of text that says 'Green, the color of life, renewal, nature and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. Green is also traditionally associated with money, finances, banking, ambition, greed, jealousy, and wall street.Jan 25, 2011'

leave the angels and talk chi…
Throne Foot is Gabriel…Ayatul Kursi, Adam as in Jesus Mohammed etc etc its all walking on water Eve

We the kappitalist we also kappitalist poor, spiritual capitalists
same would be that from that view of course would say kuku…yes they may be and who cares…it will happen over and over and over again in terms of either either events…
from day 0…dusty…very very very heavy maybe extremely dense and toxic dust…
no…maybe…but I suppose when its Honey and not mud,
1 and he same too because those dirty dirty gerti boys lol or is it so
purpose of having to answer dust…
he doubt, another paradox in application of the critical theory to split the ´paradox as the opposing neutral force.
Did one then not nie know of batman nie… Is daaroor moet die mense geluisteritit… ! lol…
very troo very troo…
2 doodldoo
Did sciences give any guidance? Ideal… So ideal it’s complete including sciences up till today as extracted via a and the other chemistry explained… Including yellow and silver… Which is diamond and spiritual… And alchemy…? Which too includes math such as Pythagoras all via a… Lol…
The 11th Philosophy, a 29th League Wing-xi Analysis – Wakarimasta Brothers Group (
we take light in a sample of space pocket across this line to that line…
complicated mapping samples of lines between light and light
equal opposite light…
smash the 2 stars together which that light reaches here almost instantly
seems could be alot more light
whatever that made it be light…
with a wunfooo around the wobbledidoo…
this from here to here to me here with that dot to dot…
from here to there is not the same time and distance between here and here…
as we travelled and mapped the light…
havent crossed any lines yet
if that light comes and knocks us in this wobble out of wobble…
how far is that to this here…between here and there…etc
we have the lunar cycles from our area sorted…etc
there must be another ratio…?
a crimilchi dust being a whole number of something…can each piecy be a whole of a whole
or fraction+
whole numbers
eg. guestimating the amount of apples to take with us…
the best and brightest dots as we dotted line to line…..
how many dots = 1 dot…
looks like a whole lot of small
doo and daa maybe
doo daa deh dee…
piece of a dot =
some 3d things going

No photo description available.

linear lines between light in dots
we went around in circles till we crossed lines
accroding to the lines of sunlight…
between those dot and that dot is a dot…
from furtherst to furthest a dot…
how,any dots crossing over eac other…
i ate 4 bananas on this way to that way…LOOL
3 4 or 5 as many dots far and wide apart…
the faster …dot to dot
time travel
TO 0 LOL …

No photo description available.
the math below is coherent…obviously the numbers all fit in..
the equation below isnt using etc etc
its made linear intentionally
but what are the 2 lines missing?…
its 2 lines…
i think any math dude should be able to see at least 1

does this go along with evolution…
hypothesis wise
would of taken very very long
to move 1 away to explain 1 dot
if these are so simply written in the books…
then i think that man so simple
as dot to dot
would correctly say
how do u time travel
and u crazy to try
Even then…cosmic spallation’s and how it is described in some sort of sequential average, of the relativity upon which the entire universe was created, …
scripture …literature…
call me illiterate u labelled urself a psychopath…
call me lucid…
u labelled urself, deaf dumb and blind
U+065A (1626)
U+065B (1627)
U+065C (1628)
August 26 at 12:59 AM
065B (1627) 16 7 11 7 18 9
176 14 5
Ayah 18 – Deaf, Dumb and Blind
Sahih International
Deaf, dumb, and blind – so they will not return [to the right path].
This ayah gives characteristics pertaining to the hypocrites; that they are deaf, dumb and blind. But of course, this does not have a physical interpretation, rather spiritual.
Deaf: They cannot hear guidance, nor comprehend it, nor have an open mind to it.
Dumb: They are unable to utter words that are of benefit to them or to others…
Blind: They are in total darkness and deviation (from the straight path)…
22:46This is further elaborated on in Surah Hajj (22), ayah 46:
So have they not traveled through the earth and have hearts by which to reason and ears by which to hear? For indeed, it is not eyes that are blinded, but blinded are the hearts which are within the breasts.
And this why they cannot get back to the state of guidance that they were in since they are unable to sense it. We are given 5 senses, which help us to “sense” the world around us and perceive our surroundings. Without them, we are plunged into darkness, unable to communicate and make connections with our world. This is similar to hypocrites and the guidance of the heart.






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